Profession: Model #461
Face shape: Round
Waist: 24 - 26
Height: 5'8"(173cm)
Weight: 115 - 135lbs(52-61kg)
Chest: 33 - 35
Hips/Inseam: 30 - 32
Dress/Shirt: 3 - 5
Shoes: 8/8.5
Hair color: Light Brown
Hair type: Fine Straight
Hair length: Below the shoulder
Hair pieces: None
Eye color: Green
Eye wear: Contacts
Ethnicity: White/Causasian, Polish, American Indian
Work type: Time For Print, Commercial and TFP, Commercial Only, Depends on Assignment
Modeling Skills: Fashion, Runway, Sport/Fitness, Casual, Swimwear, Print/Editorial, Hair/Makeup, Parts Modeling, Glamour, Lingerie
Modeling Interest: Glamour, Lingerie
Areas of Interest: Web, Advertising, Magazine and Print
Other Interests: Commercial Acting, Film Acting, TV Acting, Extreme Sports
Work status: U.S. Citizen
Union Affliation: Non-Union
Experience: Very Experienced
Professional Stats: Professional
Travel stats: Domestic/International--Expenses Paid


Profile Views: 2386
Last Activity: 2010-07-21

Lea Brock

31 years old
Mount Vernon, Il Illinois United States

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About me

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Work Experience

2010Dales Harley Davidson Event
20102010 Swim Wear workshop in Branson, Mo.
2010St. Louis Hair Show- Pureology/redken
2010Gillette Razor Promo
2010Remington Promo
2009Jewelry Catalog- Allen Stuck's

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Roc Starr

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